Kelley Baker


On November 14, 1999 , Kelley McEnery Baker, 24, died after she took an ecstasy pill. Kelley had graduated from high school, took some college courses and was finding her way in the world. According to her mother, Kate Patton, Kelley had used alcohol and marijuana in the past, but until her death, there had been no conversations about the drug ecstasy-her mother had never even heard of it. For all of her life, Kelley had been a typical teenager-cheerleader, hanging out with friends, facing the same things many suburban teenagers do every day. After deciding that college wasn't for her, Kelley spent time with a group of people who traveled with the Grateful Dead. What her mother didn't know until after Kelley died was that a local drug dealer had taken advantage of Kelley's naiveté and convinced her to sell Ecstasy to other users.

Since Kelley's death, Kate Patton has spent much of her time educating kids and parents about the dangers of ecstasy and she established the Kelley McEnery Baker Foundation for the Prevention, Education and Awareness of Ecstasy Use. In 2001, the Illinois legislature passed "Kelley's Law" which increased penalties for the distribution of Ecstasy and other club drugs.