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  • Why the Party Drug Molly Isn’t What You Think It Is

    (NBC Washington, Aug. 27) When a 19-year-old University of Virginia student went to an electronic dance concert at a D.C. nightclub in 2013, she thought she was taking Molly. Also known as Ecstasy, Molly has a reputation as a popular party drug that creates hallucinations and the feeling of unending energy. But a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration said lab tests later showed it was more like methylone, which is what’s in bath salts. The student collapsed at the club and died that night at Providence Hospital.
  • Expanded National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week begins January 25

    (National Institutes of Health, Aug. 27) An annual, week-long observance that brings together teens and scientific experts to shatter persistent myths about substance use and addiction will feature information about alcohol in addition to drug use. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) will be held Jan. 25-31, 2016.
  • Tampa Man Arrested for Sexual Battery

    (Bay News 9, Aug. 27) A Tampa man is accused of giving two females, including a 16-year-old girl, the date rape drug and sexually battering them. Tampa Police said the suspect, 40-year-old John Christopher Knight, is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison in April.


  • Video: Red Ribbon Patch Program

    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! Watch this video on how to earn the Red Ribbon Patch.
  • VIDEO: The Promise of Drugs

    When it comes to drugs and drug abuse, there's the promise and there's the reality. If you've ever felt the pressure to use drugs, you've probably heard the promise. Some promises are specific to a drug: "Meth can help you lose weight" or "Steroids will make you a better athlete." Other promises are vague: "Getting high will help you relax." Watch this animated video to learn more about the promise and reality of drug use and abuse.
  • VIDEO: Taking Prescription Drugs to Get High—A Bad Idea

    97% of teens don't use prescription drugs to get high. Watch this video to learn why taking prescription drugs to get high can have serious health effects including addiction and overdose.


  • K2/ Spice Drug Card

    Spice, or K2, also known as synthetic marijuana, is popular among youth.
  • Marijuana Drug Card

    Approximately one in six people who start smoking marijuana in their teens will become addicted.
  • DXM Drug Card

    DXM, or Dextromethorphan, is a cough suppressant found in more than 100 over-the-counter cold medications.