Red Ribbon Patch Program

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Congratulations to all the Scouts who earned the 2012 Red Ribbon Week Patch!

Red Ribbon


The Red Ribbon Patch Program is designed to provide Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts the ability to earn a patch from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) by performing anti-drug activities in commemoration of Red Ribbon Week. Furthermore, this initiative seeks to empower young people to create, embrace, and strengthen their drug free beliefs. DEA aims to award a Red Ribbon Patch and Certificate of Participation to the first 15,000 qualifying Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Program Coordination

The Red Ribbon Patch Program is an unfunded initiative. The coordination of this initiative is led by DEA. The agency has dedicated in-kind resources to include program coordination, website development, website hosting, marketing, graphic design, and other resources as appropriate.

Only the first qualifying 15,000 Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts will be awarded a patch!

Red Ribbon Week Scout Patch

Guiding Principles

  • The Red Ribbon Patch Program initiative promotes the delivery of drug free messages by Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts within local communities.
  • The Red Ribbon Patch Program initiative incorporates, input and direct participation from drug prevention experts such as speakers and presenters, in local Red Ribbon campaigns.
  • The Red Ribbon Patch Program initiative inspires grassroots community outreach strategies to reduce the use and abuse of non-prescribed and illicit drugs among youth.
  • The Red Ribbon Patch Program initiative keeps the dangers of use and abuse of non-prescribed and illicit drugs prominent in the public.

Patch Requirements

All Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are eligible to participate in the program. To earn the DEA Red Ribbon Patch, please complete the following:

  • Each Scout leader or designee must submit the Intent to Participate form by Friday, October 5, 2012. The online form is available at
  • Each Scouting unit or troop must coordinate or support a Red Ribbon Week activity.
  • Each Scout must attend a drug prevention education session.
  • Each Scout must take the DEA Drug-Free Pledge.
  • The Scout leader must submit the Activity Report upon completion of program requirements, no later than Friday, December 14, 2012.

Please review the Implementation Guide. Many of your questions will be answered in the guide.


Upon completion of the patch requirements, the Scout Leader or contact person must complete the Activity Report form. In addition, we encourage you to submit photos, newspaper articles, handouts, and posters, describing your Red Ribbon Week activities for use in future program promotional venues. Please note attachments will not be returned.

All submissions of photos must include a copy of a signed Media Waiver Agreement.

Once the Media Waiver Agreement is completed it can be scanned and emailed to or it may be faxed to 202-307-4559.

Certificate of Participation

The Scout leader may download and sign the Certificate of Participation upon completion of all program requirements. The online certificate has been formatted to enable the typing of each Boy Scout and Girl Scout’s individual name before printing.


Please review the Red Ribbon Patch Program Implementation Guide.
Click here to download.

Marketing Tool Kit Available - Click Here

For more questions or more information on the initiative call DEA at 202-307-7936 or email

For more information about the DEA, please visit