Prescription Drugs

There are thousands of medications out there, and new drugs come on the market every day. Many of us believe there's a pill for anything and everything that ails us including every stress, ache, and pain, and from drowsiness to restlessness. We’re bombarded with advertisements about the benefits of these drugs.

You might have some questions that aren’t answered by those commercials:

“Prescription drugs are a safe way to get high, right? They’re approved by the government and prescribed by a doctor or dentist, so aren’t they less dangerous than illegal drugs?”

Just because it's prescribed by a doctor to someone you know doesn't mean it's safe for you.

Don't be fooled

Prescription drugs are not something to mess around with. Just because a doctor or dentist prescribed them to a family member or a friend doesn't make them safe for you. Neither are over-the-counter (OTC) medications like cough syrup. Just because an OTC medication is bought in a drug store doesn't make it safe to abuse. Experimenting with medicine like painkillers to get high is extremely dangerous, and mixing drugs to get high can be deadly.

Unless a doctor prescribes medication for you to address your own medical condition, don't take it. If using any medications, read and follow the directions on the drug label carefully.

And remember

Even though prescription drugs are legal, selling or using drugs that you didn’t get through a legitimate medical prescription is illegal. Using prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes is illegal.

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