Questions about General

  1. what is the safest drug? See the Answer
  2. Can caffeine be addictive? Does it have negative short- or long-term effects? Is there any reason to be concerned for friends who have a lot of it? See the Answer
  3. why do most people waste there money on drugs? See the Answer
  4. what are the long term effects of drug abuse See the Answer
  5. How can drugs affect you if you have diabetes? See the Answer
  6. what is drug abuse? See the Answer
  7. what is a narcotic? See the Answer
  8. Can drugs affect the way you socialize? See the Answer
  9. If you use drugs can it affect how well you play sports? See the Answer
  10. what is the worse drug for you..? See the Answer
  11. what is the main reason for drug abuse? See the Answer
  12. dpesn't steroids make you bigger? how are they so bad See the Answer
  13. if you do drugs when your young can that when you get older See the Answer
  14. why do most young people do drugs to run away from their problems when they can just go tlk to some body about it See the Answer
  15. How many pro sports players take steroids? See the Answer
  16. will drugs make you popular? See the Answer
  17. Why do drugs lead you to bad dicisions? See the Answer
  18. what are some bad things that can come from drugs? See the Answer
  19. what happen if you just use drugs once. See the Answer
  20. Can breath mints be a drug? See the Answer
  21. Can toothpaste be a drug? See the Answer
  22. Is there a chemical in coffee that is the same in any other drug? See the Answer
  23. when you get high can you die or pass out See the Answer
  24. who invented drugs See the Answer
  25. why some people that take drugs act violently See the Answer
  26. does gettinghigh affect your ability to drive? See the Answer
  27. what happens to you when you do drugs See the Answer
  28. How many people OD in a year? See the Answer
  29. Is there a place in the U.S. where teens are more or less likely to do drugs? See the Answer
  30. Why do so many people feal its fun to get addicted to drugs or cigarettes? Why do people celebrate with them at parties? See the Answer
  31. How long does it take for a drug to clear out the body? See the Answer
  32. Why do you get instantly as soon as you take drugs? What makes it the most important thing in your life? See the Answer
  33. can you have a miscarrige if you are on drugs See the Answer
  34. Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol/marijuana/prescription drugs/any other drugs? See the Answer
  35. Drug, why is legal to take drugs? why not just ban all the drugs so all of us can get healthier? See the Answer
  36. Can you smoke water vapor? See the Answer
  37. how is drugs maded See the Answer
  38. Why are there so many types of drugs? See the Answer
  39. How long does it take for alcohol (or drugs) to take permanent effect? Like what if you accidentally took it once? If there is time to prevent permanent effect than how sparingly would it be reasonable through-out life? See the Answer
  40. What particular drugs causes the most harm in pregnancy? See the Answer
  41. do drugs affect your school work? See the Answer
  42. What is the worst drug and worst alcoholic beverage (or one of them) to take in? See the Answer
  43. why do people do drugs?? See the Answer
  44. why do people think that everything will be better if you get high or drunk? when really it don't..only for a while it does, but not for long. why do people seem to think so? See the Answer
  45. Do drugs make you do poorly in school? See the Answer

    Drugs are chemicals that work in the brain by tapping into its communication system and interfering with the way nerve cells normally send, receive, and process information. This can mess you up. More info is at When you are drunk or high on drugs, you often can 't make good decisions. Not to mention, there is a lot we still don't know about who becomes addicted and why, and after how much drug exposure. We do know that each person is different, so it's a little like playing "Russian Roulette" if you choose to use drugs. Continued use of drugs changes how your brain functions, impairing your ability to think clearly, to feel OK without drugs, and to control your behaviors. These all contribute to doing poorly in school.

  46. is drugs good for anything at all See the Answer
  47. What drug is the most harmful mentally and physically? See the Answer
  48. What is the most deadliest drug? See the Answer
  49. Does doing drugs while pregnant put the baby at higher risk of doing drugs when its older? See the Answer
  50. wat is the worst drug for you and has the most risk See the Answer