Questions about Marijuana

  1. why do people do drugs an start out with marajuana an say that it was a gate way drug so they can do other drugs or do they use that as a an excuse See the Answer
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  7. weed weed everybodyt does it and it hasnt kill anybody and why is it illigal and why is tabacco legal and it has killed many many people See the Answer
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  16. Perscribed marijuana have been able to help save many people's lives then why isn't it a national law mandating so every one has acess to it to save their lives!!!??? See the Answer
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  25. Does pot have any long term effects? See the Answer

    Yes--addiction for one--in about 9% of users, 25-50% of daily users. This means that someone can't quit even though marijuana is having a detrimental effect on their lives. There is also a withdrawal syndrome--similar to what happens in tobacco smokers. Symptoms include irritability, sleep and appetite problems, and craving--which often prompts relapse. Also, in a young person especially, its memory impairing effects can interfere with your ability to function optimally--or to be at the top of your game, even if you are not using the drug while you are in school. Marijuana's effects on learning can persist for days or even weeks after last use. Thus, you may not reach your full potential if you use it, and this is something that long term marijuana users self report looking back on their lives.

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  42. stop giving me frilly cookie cutter answers and honestly answer me this. weed makes people feel good so stop telling me the b.s. side effects and why does congress have something against americas #1 cash crop? the drug isnt that bad but people just relate See the Answer
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