Questions about Marijuana

  1. I've tried weed a few times and alcohol, but I plan on stopping! What are possible effects I could already have? See the Answer
  2. if you say that you smoked mj to a police officer but they cannot find any evidence, can you get arrested? See the Answer
  3. California recently voted against legalizing marijuana, how do you feel about the legalization of this drug? See the Answer
  4. do you think ganja should be legal? See the Answer
  5. During the Prohibition, more people got drunk because they wanted to rebel and smuggle alcohol. Do you feel that if marijuana was made legal, the number of people who abuse it would decrease as well? See the Answer
  6. Should Marijuana be legalized? See the Answer
  7. do you think marijuana should be legal why or why not See the Answer
  8. if beer and tabacoo are leaglle why isnt pot i get why coc and acid and stuff but why pot See the Answer
  9. what good would come out of allowing marijuana to be legalized in California? See the Answer
  10. How much marijuana can kill you? See the Answer
  11. Is it true that you do not get addicted to marijuana itself, but the feeling it gives you? See the Answer
  12. What is the main issue caused from smoking marijuana See the Answer
  13. Can you get high off of medicated marijuana? See the Answer
  14. How does marijuana relate to unprotected sex? See the Answer
  15. is marijuana addictive See the Answer
  16. What chemicals in marijuana actually cause you to get "high"? See the Answer
  17. what's the difference between eating weed brownies and smoking weed See the Answer
  18. is marijuana chemically addictive????????? See the Answer
  19. do you think marijuana should be legal for medical use See the Answer
  20. is the effects of marijuana less harmful then alcohol See the Answer
  21. what are the long term effects of pot? See the Answer
  22. how come when marijuana is smoked it doesn't harm as much but when eaten it causes lots of problems. when its the same chemical??? See the Answer
  23. What recent studies show that marijuana has harmful effects on the body/brain? See the Answer
  24. what are the long term effects of marijuana use See the Answer
  25. some say pot is not bad for you, that it is actually good for you, is there any truth in this? See the Answer
  26. I have a friend. He smokes pot almost every other day. He thinks its not possible for him to get addicted by it. Is pot addicting? See the Answer
  27. how many marijuana cigarettes do you have to smoke before you get addicted? See the Answer
  28. I have a friend and he smokes pot almost every other day. He believes its not doing anything to him. Is it? See the Answer
  29. WHAT IS MARIJUANA? See the Answer
  30. I believe that marijuana has no major effect in our society. Actually, if our goverment produce marijuana there would be an increase in economic prosperity therefore, slowly launching our country out of a economic depression. Heres a fact for you do you k See the Answer
  31. i thank marijuana should be legal in all county for people who are 18 because if they smoke it they ant really nuthing any one can do to help them if they are addicted See the Answer
  32. is pot really legal in some states See the Answer
  33. what age do kids or people start taking marijuana See the Answer
  34. why does Marijuana have such varying effects on your hunger? See the Answer
  35. What would the effects be if one were to combine several different types of weed into a joint and smoked it? See the Answer
  36. What is the difference between the new k2 drug and marijuana? See the Answer

    The active ingredient in marijuana that makes people high is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). K2 purports to be an herbal mixture that contains different ingredients, sometimes including synthetic (man-made) versions of THC--called cannabinoids. These can be very strong--much more potent than the THC in marijuana, and they have not been tested in humans for safety--probably why some people are ending up in the emergency rooms as a result of using it. But, in truth we don't actually know what is in all that is being sold out there as K2--obviously there is no quality control.

  37. What is THC? See the Answer
  38. How long does pot stay in your system? See the Answer
  39. how much marijuna can the body really take See the Answer
  40. does smoking marijuana while pregnant affect the baby's brain? See the Answer
  41. how easy is it to get addicted to weed? See the Answer
  42. is marijuana addictable See the Answer
  43. Why is medical marijuana only legal in california? and what is the difference between illegal marijuana and medical marijuana? See the Answer
  44. how does marijuana affect driving? See the Answer
  45. Will Weed Affect The Size Or Growth Of Ah Newborn Baby? See the Answer
  46. I heard that OVER 9000 people smoke pot. Is this true? See the Answer
  47. What is a long-term effect of marijuana? See the Answer
  48. what is the difference in eating and smoking marijuana? See the Answer
  49. how long does pot stay in your system See the Answer
  50. why do you get so hungry after smokeing weed? See the Answer