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Teens who learn a lot about the risks of drugs at home are up to 50% less likely to use drugs, yet many parents have difficulty talking with their kids about drugs and alcohol.1

When talking to your teen about drugs, it helps to be as informed as possible. There’s so much to know, and so much at stake.

Learn to identify different types of drugs, prevent drug abuse, and help protect your family. Visit Get Smart About Drugs—DEA’s resource for parents and caregivers.


Would you like to bring the drug prevention message to your classroom?

Download the Teacher's Guide to Just Think Twice.

The Just Think Twice Teacher’s Guide provides lesson plans for students in grades 9-12 based on the Web site. The guide includes a module for each main section of the Web site, an introductory module that introduces students to the site, and follow-on modules that accompany specific sections. Every module of the Teacher’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions for how to conduct a lesson related to that section of the Web site within your class.

Overall, this program encourages students to think critically about the messages they hear about drugs through the media or from peers. In particular, this program challenges the idea that drugs are harmless and reinforces the societal benefits of enforcing laws against drugs. Through this program, you can work with your students to help them learn the truth about drugs, enabling them to make healthy decisions in the future.

Just Think Twice has developed a variety of useful infographics illustrating the truth about teen drug use. These infographics can be printed out and displayed in classrooms to provide teens with surprising facts, data, and statistics. Designed to appeal to teens, the infographics visualize information and help teens understand the truth and consequences of drug use.

Prevalence of Drug Use

Teen Use of OxyContin

Drugs and the Environment

Marijuana is Harmful

Drugged Driving

Want to bring the drug prevention message to your community? 

  • NEW! The Get Smart About Drugs Communities of Practice portal provides resources and information on drug awareness and prevention that is tailored to organizations, community coalitions, and local support groups. The Communities of Practice portal includes a self-paced online train-the-trainer module and three PowerPoint presentations:
    • Signs of Illicit Drug Use and Abuse

    • Prescription for Disaster: How Teens Abuse Medicine

    • Hidden Dangers in the Home

    • Meth 101

    • An Introduction to Marijuana

    • Synthetic Drugs: K2/Spice and Bath Salts

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1 The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study: Teens 2008 Report, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, February 26, 2009