When faced with the consequences of using drugs, you might think, "This is just a scare tactic. It can’t happen to me." Or you might think, “It could happen to others, but it won’t happen to me.” But if you think that using drugs can’t affect your health, your family and social relationships, school performance, or your future, think again.

Using drugs—and sometimes just being around people who use them—can have legal, health, social, and financial consequences. Think about it: What can happen when you get in a car with a driver who’s high? What can happen when you get pulled over with drugs or paraphernalia in your car?

And what can happen if you make a decision to use drugs? The first time it's a choice. After that, it may not be. And sometimes it's hard to know the total consequences of your choice—until it's too late. Be sure not to miss the true stories of Kelley, Ian, Irma, Taylor, and Seth.

When it comes to drugs and drug abuse, there are many realities and consequences to consider. Watch the Just Think Twice animated videos to learn more about the reality of drug use and reasons to stay drug free.

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