True Stories

There are many consequences to consider when you weigh your decisions about using drugs. Your health, your family, your friends, your future. And possibly the biggest consequence of all… your life.

These are the stories of teens who lost their lives to drug abuse.

Kelley Baker

Kelley was a beautiful 24 year old who died of Ecstasy... a drug her mother had never heard of.

Kelley Baker>>




Ian James Eaccarino

Ian James Eaccarino was the much-loved son of Ginger Katz and Louis Eaccarino who died from heroin use.

Ian James Eaccarino>>



Irma Perez

Irma was a 14 year old girl from Belmont, California who took an Ecstasy pill on April 23, 2004.

Irma Perez>>



Taylor Hooton

Taylor Hooton was a star pitcher on his high school team, a handsome teenager who had everything going for him. Until steroids caught up with him and he took his own life.

Taylor Hooton>>



Seth Bramley

Seth Bramley liked the arts, cooking and sports. He died at age 19 after huffing a can of shaving gel.

Seth Bramley>>